How does it work?

Thankfully, it’s really straightforward. The process is as follows:

  1. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a special affiliate url that’s unique to you
  2. You can then link to us, on your website, blog, forum, email or social media using that special link
  3. Once somebody clicks on your affiliate link, they end up on sewstylers and we track what happens afterwards
  4. If they place an order (containing a physical item) within 30 days of clicking, without coming to our site via one of our own ads, email or an organic search, then the order will be registered within your account
  5. On the 25th of every month, we then pay out all of the commissions earned, once you reach a minimum of £10 ($13) in earnings.

Top reasons to join

  • High conversion rates – our site is easy to use, with great prices and regular offers
  • 30 day cookie window – plenty of time for your referrals to place an order with us
  • High commission rates
  • Regular monthly commission payments
  • An easy to use affiliate portal
  • Regular promotions just for our affiliates
  • Bonus commission offers, rewards and competitions

Ready to join?

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