Brace for Spring showers with this easy Rain Capelet tutorial! Pair it with Mood Fabric’s free Bucket Hat pattern for a chic rainy-day ensemble! Learn how to draft this easy DIY capelet in just a few easy steps, using use simple shapes and techniques.  Perfect for various fashion fabrics, including this durable water-resistant Rag and Bone canvas. Check out our outerwear patterns for more spring jackets and inspiration!

Purchase Materials Used Below:

  • 4 yards of Rag & Bone Khaki Nylon Canvas
  • 3 sets of Italian Brown and Gold Clasp Closure 
  • 1 spool of 010 Black 30m Gutermann Heavy Duty Thread
  • MDF262 – The Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern (free download below!)
Alternative Recommended Fabrics:
  • Cotton Sateen 
  •  Taslan
  • Water Resistant Polyester Twill

Click Here For The Free Bucket Hat Pattern and Tutorial

The simplest way to describe how to make this capelet would be to fold a piece of fabric in half along the width, cut into the middle of the top layer, create an opening for the front and neck, then add a collar and closures to finish! Determining the fit and overall style is up to you! Add buttons, toggles, or clasps as I did. Even a hooded version with patch pockets would be fantastic. That’s the beauty of drafting and creating your garment from scratch!

The measurements used in this tutorial should roughly fit sizes 4-8. However, I strongly suggest drafting a fit sample from muslin to determine your desired fit.

Here’s How To Sew:
  1. Cut a piece of fabric that measures about 1 yard by 38″. Fold your fabric in half along the width.
  2. You should now have a basic rectangular shape. Locate the center of the top layer. Use chalk to mark the center front cut line from the bottom edge to the fold line. Cut along this line to create the front opening. Start about 2-2.5″ down from the folded edge and cut out the opening for the neck. The sides measure about 6.5,” and the back is 9″.
  3. Cut a piece for your collar 17″x8.”
  4. The remaining fabric will be used to make the Bucket Hat.

See the Diagrams Below For The Capelet and Collar:

6. For the collar, fold your piece in half, so the short sides measure 4″. Sew the short ends using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Trim the excess seam allowance.

7. To finish the raw edges of the opening of the capelet, use a 1/2″ rolled hem. Fold back the edge about 2″ and press. Stitch to hold in place. I also used a 1/2″ finish on the angled edge.

8. Pin and sew your undercollar to the neck opening using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Turn under the seam allowance on the top collar and topstitch to close.

9. Use a 1/2″ rolled hem finish on the sides and bottom edge. Make a marking about 6″ away from the outer edge and sew a stitch 6″ long ( then backstitch) to hold the front and back together. This will create the arm opening.

10. Lastly, sew on your closures. I used three sets of clasps and spaced them 3″ apart.

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