Who doesn’t love wide-leg printed pants? I know I do! Check out Mood’s newest pattern, the Liv Pants. Add these to your transitional wardrobe with a bright sateen or tonal corduroy, no matter your style! With a wide assortment of wonderful fabrics, you can make the coolest pants out there right now! Let us know what fabrics you choose and how you style them. 

Purchase Materials Used Below:
  • 2-3 yards Mood Exclusive Spotted in Stripes Stretch Cotton Sateen
  • 1 085 Beige 9″ Regular Zipper
  • 1 pkg Dritz Brass Skirt Hook & Eye Closures – 4ct
  • MDF293 – The Liv Pants Sewing Pattern (free download below!)
Alternative Recommended Fabrics:
  • Sateen
  • Cotton Twill
  • Suiting
  • Corduroy

1. Print, tape, and cut out the pattern. 

2. Cut out interfacing for waistband and iron on. 

3. With the front pant legs, fold in half, press, and sew ¼’’ down. Press seam towards the center front. As another option, you could press the seam away from the center front. It depends on what you want.

4. Fold the pocket facing outer edge under ½’’. Edgestitch it down to the pocket bag lining. Baste around the other areas to keep the facing secure. 


6. Sew center front together up until the notch. 

7. Set in your zipper. See how to install a fly zipper here for the zipper process if needed! 

8. Pin your pocket bag to the side front. Stitch, trim, and press down. You can topstitch the edge if you want to, but it’s not needed.

9. With the right sides together, pin the other pocket bag to the one you just sewed. Stitch around the curved edge. To finish the raw edge, use a serger, zigzag stitch, or a pinked edge.

10. With right sides together, pin center back seam together and sew.

11. Pin the front and back together at side seams and crotch seam, then stitch.

12. Pin and sew your waistband together. Make sure you don’t mix up the left and the right waistband together.

13. Fold your belt loop in half and stitch. Flip right side out, press, and topstitch.

14. Pin belt loops on the side, front, and back. Now pin the waistband matching side seams and stitch.

15. Pin and sew the lining, leaving the belt loops free.

16. Press the waistband and fold up the raw edges and topstitch around. Once the band is topstitched, pin loops in place, then topstitch the loops down. 

17. Fold the hem ¼’’ then ¾’’. 

18. To finish the top you have three options: sew a hook and eye, snap, or a button. For mine, I did two hooks and eyes.

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