You’ll unlock a world of endless possibilities by combining the Luna Jumpsuit’s chic and relaxed pant bottom with the refined and convertible top of the Rhodes Infinity Dress. The Luna Jumpsuit’s pants offer comfort and freedom of movement, while the Rhodes Infinity Dress top provides elegance and versatility. The result is a garment seamlessly transitioning from casual daywear to glamorous evening attire with just a few simple adjustments. Moods Fabrics-free sewing patterns are a great way to experiment with pattern hacking and creativity. Let us know your favorite Mood Pattern hack!

Purchase Materials Used Below:
  • 3 yards of Blue and White Barcode Stripes Rayon Stretch
  • 1 Spool 20 White 100m Gutermann Sew All Thread 
  • 1 yard Italian White Elastic Trimming 
  • MDF296 – The Luna Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern (free download below!)
  • MDF309 – The Rhodes Infinity Dress Sewing Pattern (free download below!)
Alternative Recommended Fabrics:
  • Bamboo Knits 
  • Novelty Knits 
Click Here For The Luna Jumpsuit Pattern and Sewing Instructions for the Pants!
Click Here For The Rhodes Infinity Dress Pattern and Sewing Instructions for the Ties! 

Pattern Adjustment Steps:

Step 1. Complete the pant portion of the Luna jumpsuit. Click the link above to download your Luna Jumpsuit Pattern.

Step 2. I only used the long ties and the waistband from the Rhodes Infinity Dress for this pattern hack. Add the bandeau portion of the Rhodes Infinity Dress if you want more modesty for your pattern hack. Pin your waistband to the waist opening of your pants with the ties sandwiched between them. Leave a small space for adding in your elastic.

Step 3. Insert the elastic of your waistband. Finish the opening on the band by sewing it closed.

Your newly hacked jumpsuit is ready to wear in an infinite number of styles!

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